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Working for Hadet Healthcare

means joining a team dedicated to exceptional patient care and innovation in medical technology

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personal Centered Services

About Us

We adopt a person centered approach to support individuals

utilizing person centered planning to help them pursue their desired goals. This involves customizing our methods to meet each person’s unique and often intricate needs.

Since each individual has distinct requirements, the strategies and plans we develop crafted with their active involvement are personalized to aid them in achieving their objectives.

We spend time listening to, and understanding, an individual. We learn about what’s important to them, what their needs and wants are, and how they would like to live their life. Then we work closely with them and their family, as well as other support professionals to create a person centred plan. This sets out what their goals are and how we will work together to help them achieve them.

Client Resources

We’re always working to improve planning process so that it’s easier, quicker and more effective.

Our senior management team, service managers, support workers and supported individuals regularly work together to share ideas on things we can change for the better.

A person centered plan is a living document regularly updated as needs or goals change. It’s also regularly referred to by everyone involved so that we can ensure we’re working together to provide consistent, appropriate support.

What’s in a person centred plan?

We use person centred planning to set out how Hadet Healthcare will support each person to live the life they want. A person centred plan tells the story of how the individual wants to live their life now, and in the future. We use many different communication tools, so even if an individual finds verbal or written communication difficult, they can still be at the heart of the process of developing their plan.

A person centred plan sets out:

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